Public Procurement

Dr. Francisco Javier Vázquez Matilla

Expert on Public Procurement.

 Pamplona, 1981.


 Member of the group of experts in public procurement of the European Commission since 2015.


 Lawyer, Doctor of Law (Public University of Navarra), and Academic Cr. Royal Spanish Academy of Legislation and Jurisprudence.


 Since 2016 with its own Firm, specialized in public procurement, to advise public and private entities, agencies, states in this matter.


Member of the group of experts in public procurement of the European Commission since 2015.

Academician Cr. Royal Spanish Academy of Legislation and Jurisprudence.

He has collaborated in the drafting of the Hungarian regulation of public contracts, in relation to Framework Agreements, fractionation contract.

Opinion on the award criteria in Poland’s public procurement regulations.

Collaboration in Germany in relation to in-house public contracts regime in the field of rail transport concessions.

Has designed international public procurement processes (international sporadic public purchase) in the field of innovation.

Is part of different research groups at international level: “New Public Procurement. Market and Environment “(Public University of Navarra), Procurement Law Academic Network, Public Contracts in Legal Globalization or The Research Network on EU Administrative Law.

He has given conferences in foreign Universities: Porto, Braga, Paris, Turin.

It has more than 40 publications in foreign books and magazines.

He has been a Vocal of the Administrative Court of Public Contracts of Navarra (2013 – 2016) (on leave of absence).

He has represented the City Council of Pamplona (2004 – 2016) in all kinds of jurisdictional orders and instances, as Municipal Attorney.

He is PhD (Public University of Navarra), where he also earned a law degree. His doctoral thesis ( The modification of public contracts) was rated cum laude and published by Thomson Reuters.

For 12 years (2004-2016) has developed internal advice and management of public procurement of areas of strategic projects and works, and Urban Conservation of the City of Pamplona. Secretary of the Monitoring Committee of Public Procurement of the City. He has represented in recruitment in the courts of all levels and instances (on leave of absence) .

He is Associate Professor of Administrative Law at the Public University of Navarra.He has given more than 300 lectures on public procurement around the world.

 He has published a monograph on the modification of contracts and more than 40 articles on doctrinal magazines and books in Spain, Portugal, Mexico and Belgium.