Public Procurement

Dr. Francisco Javier Vázquez Matilla  is a lawyer of the bar Association of Pamplona. He is a member of the expert group on public procurement of the European Commission.

He is PhD (Public University of Navarra), where he also earned a law degree. His doctoral thesis ( The modification of public contracts) was rated cum laude and published by Thomson Reuters.

Master in Specialization and Research in Law with mention of specialization in economic, social and territorial Administrative Law from the University of Zaragoza.

He has participated in international contracting advice on procurement.

He has been member of the Administrative Court Public Contracts of Navarra (2013 – 2016) .

For 12 years (2004-2016) has developed internal advice and management of public procurement of areas of strategic projects and works, and Urban Conservation of the City of Pamplona. Secretary of the Monitoring Committee of Public Procurement of the City. He has represented in recruitment in the courts of all levels and instances.

He is Associate Professor of Administrative Law at the Public University of Navarra.He has given numerous lectures on public procurement around the world.

He has published a monograph on the modification of contracts and more than twenty articles on doctrinal magazines and books in Spain, Portugal, Mexico and Belgium.

Among other merits he has participated as a technical member since 2013 of the Commission on Information Society and New Technologies of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP).

He is an academic member in different research projects, such as public University  of Navarre (Environment and procurement), PLAN, Procurement Law Academic Network, Public Contracts in Legal Globalization, or The Research Network on EU Administrative Law.

He has drafted various bills in Spain on public procurement, corruption, transparency, social and environmental criteria, …

  • Integral advice on public procurement.
  • Supervision and monitoring of complex procurement procedures.
  • Comprehensive advice to traders on public procurement.
  • Advice on the relations of economic operators with the Administration.
  • Advice on international operations on public procurement, with partnerships with specialized in public procurement in the European Union and Latin America offices.
  • Advisory in international public procurement.
  • Collaboration advice to European institutions or other states on public policies and prevention of corruption and inefficiency of public spending contracts.
  • Training provided complete (courses, seminars, ...) in public procurement demand in displacement to customer site.
  • Strategy and training plans for all kinds of traders, especially business associations, SMEs, ...
  • Determination and monitoring implementation strategy of public social, sustainable procurement.
  • Comprehensive advice regarding innovative public procurement (drafting of specifications, participation in the procedure, process monitoring, ....).
  • Implantation package of ad hoc measures against corruption in public procurement, including design, implementation and monitoring.
  • Drafting of proposals and bills relating to government procurement, transparency and corruption.
  • Integral Consulting for the implementation of e-procurement and follow up implementation".